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The perfect accessory for all men – a stylish fitted watch for any occasion. Things you need to look out for when buying a watch: size of the face, material of the wristband and the fitting, all things we are going to explain in our watch special.

Go back in time to the classics.

A classic is timeless. Whether with index, Greek numerals or Arabic numbers this watch is always easy to read. Due to its retro look it is perfect for a casual but chic everyday look.

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Wear the watch two ways: with a leather wrist band the watch takes on a more subtle look, however change the wrist band to metal and it immediately catches your eye. For elegant occasions a leather wrist band is very trendy, however make sure to match the colour of the leather with your belt and shoes. This way the outfit looks coordinated.

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For modern City-Guys: The Chronograph

The chronograph, with a typical stop-watch function is particularly liked by athletes. As an elegant option you can combine the watch with a business look, like a suit for the office. This gives you the perfect contrast between legére and business.

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For a couple of years now the trend has progressed to large watches. The size of the face, however needs to match with the size of your wrist and your personality. Too big is not always stylish. Whomever has a wrist circumference of less than 18 cm, should not pick a face watch that is diagonally larger than 40 mm.

The hipster watch: Digital-watch

The digital watch can be combined with a puristic and modern outfit. The modern styling is created through the contrast of colours blue and white combined with the digital watch.

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Your watch is most elegant when she is worn just above the wrist bone. If you are wearing a suit jacket or a long sleeve shirt you can wear the watch lower on your wrist, it should however sit right at the end of the shirt sleeve.

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Groom your Zeitgeist.

If you have found your favourite watch, make sure it lasts long by grooming it properly. Especially leather wrist bands need a lot of care to look flawless and prevent ripping as well as mechanical watches, both need special care. Coming soon our tips on how to groom your watch with what products so that they last a life time.

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